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Joining the online revoloution during lockdown

As a design and print business we have overcome many hurdles during our 20+ years of business. Ever evolving our areas of expertise, to keep up with the times and new trends by investing in our future, and keeping our business thriving.

Now, if you had told us a few years ago we would need to look at ways to evolve once again due to the country being in lockdown from to a pandemic, we would probably have said 'you've been watching too many movies'!! And yet here we are....

When the pandemic hit, it became apparent very quickly that a way to help our small business survive was to take it online. So, with a bit more time on our hands we decided it would be the perfect time to combine our expertise with our passions. As a family run business it was easy to pick the areas in our lives that made us happy and would hopefully do the same for others. What are our passions?? Horses (that’s an easy one!) so it was easy to come up with our first range of personalised equestrian clothing for all horse and pony lovers. If you enjoy, show jumping, dressage, mounted games or just love horses and ponies as we do then you are sure to find something you will love in this range.

Staying with our four-legged friends, our pooch definitely completes our family so our personalised dog clothing range was next on the list. And with the apparent uptake on lockdown puppies during the pandemic we figured this would hopefully be a popular choice. Whether you a fan of a delightful Dachshund, lovely Labrador’s, fantastic Frenchie’s or beautiful Bull Terrier’s we have personalised clothing and gifts to make you smile.

We appreciate not everybody shares the same passions as our family. So we’ve added alternative options of custom printed garments, Hoodies, T-Shirts, Onesies and more with many design ranges yet to be added. With the addition of gift ideas for yearly occasions such as Valentines Day, Mothers day, Fathers Day and Christmas.

Once the design ideas’ started flowing we took to designing a new online shop website and was born!

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